I am so excited to share a few pics of Erica and her amazing wedding on the Tribecca Rooftop. It was a beautiful August summer day in NYC. I worked with the lovely Evy Drew for makeup and as you will see Erica is nothing short of stunning! The images by Tim Ryan Smith show just how adorable and sweet she is. Her family was equally as wonderful. An elegant updo with a Birdcage veil looked so pretty with her gorgeous gown complete with cap sleeves. This one is one of my favorites. Be sure to also have a look at the awesome quick clip by First Day Films.


Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-1 Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-2 Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-3 Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-17 Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-16 Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-15 Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-14 Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-13 Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-10 Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-9 Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-7 Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-5 Wedding-Hair-Stylist-NYC-at-the-Tribecca-Rooftop-8

We spent a beautiful Sunday in NYC documenting Erica and Shawn’s #tribecarooftop wedding #neurenlove

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