Happy Mother’s Day, Beauties!
I hope your day is so special and you find time to do something you enjoy. However you choose to spend this day, take some time for self-care, even if for just a moment.  You deserve it after all!
As a mom, you have spent many years and many days putting your family first and ensuring that they were well taken care of and provided for, in all aspects of life. The time has come for you to put some focus back into yourself.
Self-care has always been pushed to the back burner, so to say, for too many years. For me too!  This past year and the pandemic helped remind me that you should always put yourself first.  It’s not selfish.  Just like a car, if the gas tank is empty, you can only go so far (or not far at all).  Am I right?
Well, the time is now, to practice self-care on a regular basis even if it’s only 5 minutes a day.  Self-care looks different for us all, and that’s perfectly normal, as we are all so beautifully unique. There are three main states in which self-care can be practiced: physical, mental and emotional.
It is important to practice self-care in all three areas, however depending on how you are feeling on a particular day it may indicate what type of self-care you will practice.
Self-care can range from meditation and breath-work, to exercise or pampering yourself, to buying yourself something that you desire. There is no right or wrong way to practice self-care, just do what is best for you!
My favorite way to practice self-care is taking a long bubble bath, with a good book and glass of wine. I find pampering myself to be one of my favorite forms of self-care.  I regularly get massages at Massage Envy, facials at Skin Laundry  or JECT, or simply stopping in to see my favorite hair stylist for a blowout.   One of my ultimate secrets, mainly due to the fact that when I work my arms in the air for several hours straight, is seeing Dr. Brian Bak who provides ART Therapy, it’s like receiving massage therapy and chiropractic treatments at the same time.  I highly recommend it if you drive a lot or have back issues, as well.  I walk out of his office feeling like I have a new body.
Whichever form of self-care you decide to do this month- for Mother’s Day or just because, embrace it, love yourself and enjoy it!
Sending Love,