Here Goes….  blogging for women or weddings.. but definitely Beauty!

It has dawned on me after years of providing beauty services for Long Island Brides, that (and this may sound, I don’t know.. Condescending) but not all brides know what to do when planning a wedding. It’s just not that easy!  So this here, blog, is going to be for the “Once in a lifetime Bride”. The one who has never done this before, but wants everything just so, and doesn’t ever want to do it again. Sound Familiar?!?! I am going to ask you to pardon my manor.  I  can be rather sarcastic, if you haven’t already noticed and often I have the “open mouth insert foot syndrome.”  I will only apologize once for my attitude, but sometimes you just want the truth, Right? You will get that from me. Oh and Thank you for following.. I hope you get a good laugh if not some useful info. Well, Here Goes..


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